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Izzy is an eight-year-old girl who lives in Ireland and loves all sport, especially camogie and Gaelic football.

Christmas is approaching and Izzy is in love with her adorable new puppy, Boots. But camogie and football have stopped for the Winter and Izzy misses the training and matches. Adding to Izzy’s woes, her magical bracelet seems to have lost its magic! Izzy’s bracelet is made from old All Ireland medals that her great-grandmother won a long time ago. It has taken Izzy on two previous magical adventures.

Two days before Christmas, Izzy’s boredom leads her to make a mistake which could be disastrous. However, the magical bracelet might just save the day yet. Izzy and Boots are heading to see Santa and many more North Pole friends as they set off on Izzy’s third and very festive magical adventure in sport! Could a gaelic football match really take place in the North Pole? Can Mrs. Claus master the hop and solo? And can Izzy sort out her mishap and make it back home in time to have a fun sporting Christmas with her family?

“Izzy’s Magical Christmas Adventure” is a unique story about a young girl who loves sport and helps to bring some Gaelic football cheer to the North Pole this Christmas.

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