Tipperary 1920 Bloody Sunday Commemorative Jersey

A little bit of information about our Tipperary 1920 Bloody Sunday Commemorative Jersey

1920 Tipperary Bloody Sunday Commemorative JerseyTo explain the crest appearing on the back of our jersey, this was something that we wanted to do, to make what we are offering something special and unique, and different from other offerings. It is placed at the back, as the original jerseys carried no crests, but only the county name across the breast of the woollen jumpers, and we want to maintain those clean lines for the people who will wear the replicas. 

The Harp appears on the crest, because although it isn’t as popularly known as the shamrock, it is the official emblem of Ireland, a status which dates back centuries, and tells us much about the ancient history of the island. It was once banned by the British oppressors, and it’s playing became a symbol of resistance among the Irish people. Today the Harp symbol is found on all Presidential and other official Irish documents. 

The Gaelic football in the middle of the crest symbolises the game at which those terrible events took place in November 1920. The writing around the ball commemorates and remembers the date of that fateful day, November 21st, 1920, when fourteen unarmed civilians, including the Tipperary captain, Michael Hogan were shot and killed in cold blood by British soldiers and Auxiliaries. The lives that were lost that day will never be forgotten, seared into Irish memory and folklore, in song and story, and we hope in symbolism weaved into our replica kit. 

Premier Sports Tipperary Commemorative Crest for Bloody Sunday 1920And all of this is finished off by setting the crest against a background of the Irish flag, to show that the people who fell that day will be remembered forever in the rich, diverse and unfinished history of our proud and ancient homeland. A land that people fought and died for, so that the future generations could live free and peacefully, to celebrate their rights, culture and destiny, as Irish men and women. 

Having worked in the creative industry for over a decade and a half, and with extensive past knowledge of designing crests for GAA clubs, publications, and other historical occasions, we believe that this kit will be absolutely unique amongst what we are sure will be a number of lesser replica offerings. This will prove in years to come to be a collectible item, as well as one which can and will be worn with pride by people of all ages as soon as they receive delivery. We at Premier Sports are proud to play our part in remembering our famous county and country’s rich and deep history, and we invite you to join us on the journey.